Invest with confidence

Peace of mind

We appreciate that a medium to long-term savings contract requires significant commitment, and it is extremely important that you are certain your investment is secure. We have produced this video to provide you with an overview of the measures in place, to give you the assurance & peace of mind you need.

Your goals

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A comfortable retirement?
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A big wedding?
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A new home?
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Education fees for children or grandchildren?

Whatever your savings or investment goal, Hansard provides a variety of products designed to meet your personal needs, supporting these goals now & into the future.


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We all strive to have a secure, fulfilling retirement, safe in the knowledge that we have saved enough to maintain the lifestyle that we are used to. But how much is enough in retirement?

Our simple retirement calculator can help you work out if you are likely to be able to live the retirement that you hope for. More importantly, it can also give you an indication of how much more you might need to save to fulfil your retirement goals.

Education fees

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Perhaps the ultimate gift you can make is the gift of a quality education. A good, higher education qualification in today’s competitive employment market has become an essential passport to greater career opportunities. If you want to give your children the best possible start in life then there is no time to lose. Starting to save regularly when your children are young gives you the best opportunity to pay for the cost of your children’s education.

Our education fees calculator below shows you how much you may need to save each month, in order to give your loved ones the best possible start in life.

Saving goals

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You may be planning to buy your dream holiday home in the sun or maybe buy the yacht or sports car that you’ve always wanted. You may be looking forward to an active, rewarding and fulfilling retirement, safe in the knowledge that you are financially secure.

Whatever your savings goals, our simple savings goals calculator can help you calculate how much you will need to save to fulfil it.

Securing your financial future

When we dream about our future, we all have different aspirations. Maybe it’s travelling the world or taking care of your loved ones. Our tailored solutions are designed to help you reach your unique goals.

Discover how our product offering can pave the way towards securing your financial future.