Our product range

Each one of your clients are different. Different needs, different goals, different incomes & different attitudes to investing. Our product range has been designed in such a way that you are able to propose a solution to suit their needs with confidence.

The lump sum investor

Is your client a high net worth investor looking to invest a large lump sum? Or maybe they have inherited a large sum that they wish to invest over the medium to long term?

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Our personal portfolio bonds provide access to a broad range of international investment options in various currencies, enabling your clients to build a flexible portfolio of assets to meet their current & future needs. This allows them to:

  • choose a single asset or a mix of assets to build a portfolio that suits their personal requirements, whether the priority is liquidity, yield, growth or diversification.
  • consolidate separately held assets into one investment vehicle, facilitating portfolio monitoring & management and streamlining asset dealing.
  • invest using cash, or a transfer of assets that they already hold. Our personal portfolio bonds may also be suitable for trusts & pension schemes, including QROPS & SIPPS.



The regular saver

Is your client committed to regularly saving an amount each month or year? Perhaps they are focussed on saving towards their child’s wedding or education in the future? Maybe they want to secure a comfortable retirement, or simply save for a rainy day?

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Whatever their focus, our regular savings contract allows your clients to invest regularly, smoothing out the effects of market volatility in order to build up a lump sum that may help them to secure their financial future, enabling them to:

  • save regularly in a structured & disciplined manner.
  • quickly alter their investments within the Hansard fund range, adapting exposure to numerous asset classes in order to maximise potential growth as markets change.
  • save for a specific goal in the future, with the option to vary contributions & take contribution holidays if required.



The best of both

Perhaps your client doesn’t have a specific savings goal in mind. Maybe they don’t want the commitment of a regular savings product and would instead prefer to make payments to their policy as & when they can? Maybe they have a sum of money that they would like to invest now but aren’t sure when they will be able to contribute towards their policy again in the future?

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We have designed our flexible contribution plans with these clients in mind, enabling them to:

  • build up a lump sum over the medium to long term through regular, single or ad hoc investments.
  • invest on an open-ended basis towards a future goal that may not have a specific date.
  • retain access to their investment value with flexible access & no lock-in periods.