Risk profiling

To assist Advisers and Policyholders in determining which model portfolio could best suit them, Hansard has partnered with Fidelity International and designed an attitude to risk questionnaire.

To find out which model portfolio could best suit your client’s investment needs, take the questionnaire today.


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This attitude to risk questionnaire is designed to give a broad, guided indication of your clients’ general tolerance to investment risk. Hansard and Fidelity accept no responsibility for any action which may be taken or is refrained from being taken on the basis of the results provided. Any record of the interaction and results will only be maintained by us for research and development purposes. The risk score provided by the questionnaire is indicative of your clients’ risk rating based on the answers you have provided. Other factors may make an alternative assessment appropriate for any specific investment. This questionnaire is not intended to serve as the primary basis for investment recommendations and should not be considered as investment advice.

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